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The Church at the crossroads where community and faith meet.  Join us for every week for reflection and worship through our video sermons and audio services.  For an up to date list of resources visit our virtual church page.  We also continue to update our website with weekly intimations and news items.  Join with us and other members of our congregation, find out how here.  We also provide a dial-a-sermon service. 

With the most recent relaxations of COVID tiers we are currently in discussion about the reopening of our church buildings for weekly worship and exploring the situation in relation to physical distancing restrictions, singing, the installation of live streaming technology, administration and other factors. 

We remember that the church is not a building but the people.  ‘Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?’  1 Corinthians 3:16

The buildings may well be closed but God does not reside here, he lives and breathes, leads and serves within and beyond his people.  Our church is alive and well, living and worshipping in the community.  Please join us online for worship at 11am every Sunday.


A useful model to help us understand the worship, family and missional role of the Church is the UP, IN and OUT model.  In “Building a Discipling Culture” the author, Mike Breen notes that this model helps us to understand the ministry of Jesus who lived his life in three relationships: Up—with his Father; In—with his followers; Out—with the world around him.

The Kirk Session has agreed that, to be a healthy congregation, we work to be balanced in all three dimensions.


Commitment to spreading the good news joyfully through worship.

Grow the Prayer and Bible Study Groups.

Commitment to help people to grow in faith and discipleship.

Commitment to include members who cannot attend weekly worship to be able to continue to participate in the life of the church.


Encourage and build up the young church.

Develop church into a place where everyone feels welcome, accepted, a sense of belonging and trusts in God.

Develop progression that encourages young people to remain within the care of the church.

Commitment to developing pastoral care.

Aim to be a church equally for young and old alike (intergenerational).


Commitment to extending our beliefs out into the community and to building a thriving church.

Build a pro-active and caring, community-centred church.

Be mindful of the needs of the whole community.

Be open and relevant to those who are not Christian.

Reflect something of the love of God through the witness of Christian lives.

It was agreed that we are a parish church, and we exist as part of a wider community, serving that community and all who live in it.

Be blessed and be a blessing,



Our some becomes awesome with God - A Service for Sunday 25th July 2021




Rev Jamie and Joanne Milliken

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