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God grows new life through the faithful.

Twenty years ago, the Church of Scotland produced a report called ‘Church Without Walls’, it was far reaching, innovative and radical and passed through the General Assembly with barely a blink.  And while the national Church kept fanning that flame, the local church, to a great extent, left it alone and we continued with business as usual. 

And now!  Here we are, truly a Church Without Walls, unable to enter our own Church buildings.  How will we use this time?

When Israel left Egypt in the Exodus (Exodus 12:31 onwards) they used the time wandering the desert and worshipping in a tent to learn from God, trust in Him and follow Him, and only then were they prepared to enter into the Promised Land.

When Jesus went out into the desert (Matthew 4:1-11) He was sorely tempted, but resisted all the quick fix solutions the devil put His way and committed to the long haul with God the Father, with all the personal sacrifice and blessings for others that come along with that.

So, let’s learn from ancient Israel and Jesus and use this time to seek God’s will and follow God’s lead.  Let’s be ready to make the sacrifices of some things we hold dear so we can be a blessing to others. 

Let’s fan the flame and explore what it means to be a Church Without Walls; in our everyday lives, living as apprentices of Jesus in our homes, in our conversations with others, in our support for neighbours, in our prayer, reading, reflection and planning. 

So that, in all that we do and all we say, we might faithfully be the body of Christ (with or without walls) living and loving, healing and growing.

God grows new life through the faithful. 


Our latest video service from Rev Jamie Milliken 

A Service for 12th July 2020 from Moderator of Church of Scotland


Rev Jamie Milliken, Minister

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