Church of Scotland


Church Family Ceilidh

Wednesday, 05 February 2020

QUESTION: How to cheer ourselves up after a cold, wet, miserable January? ANSWER: Have a ceilidh on February 1st!!

Toe-tapping music, lively dancing and tasty food - no better way to escape from the damp, dark January days!

Our family ceilidh on February 1st was a fun-filled night with all our favourite dances, lots of chat and laughter and plenty of good food.

The Macdonald Family Ceilidh Band, a very talented family indeed, provided  great music and some enthusiastic dancers, including all the children, were up for every dance. It was wonderful to see everyone from the grannies to the wee 6 year olds enjoying themselves together.

Many thanks to the band for playing and patiently guiding folk (surprising how many people can't tell their left from their right!) through the dances , to the Social Events Team for their organising skills, to everyone who came along and took part and, especially, to the kids whose energy was amazing and whose enthusiasm was infectious!

We can't wait till the next one!