Church of Scotland


Elders' Duty Rota August

Monday, 12 August 2019

Elders' Duty Rota August

Rota August 2019
West Wing        West Centre         East Centre           East Wing
J. Ballantyne     I. Stevenson        S.Henderson          B. Vogwell
West                East
C. Seditas        J. Heron
Door Duty – Order of Service
                West Door                  East Door
4th Aug.    J. Ballantyne              S. Henderson
11th Aug.   I. Stevenson             B. Vogwell
18th Aug.   C. Seditas                 J. Heron
25th Aug.   J. Ballintyne              S. Henderson

If you are unable to carry out your duties, please find a substitute
If not notify me at 01294 213096 or
Margaret Carey
Session Clerk