Church of Scotland


Elder's Duty Rota September

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Rota for September If unable to carry out your duty please find a replacement or let John Halbert know in advance

Rota September 2019
West Wing      West Centre       East Centre       East Wing
I. Thomson     W. Young            D. Walker         I. Johnston
West                   East
F. Henderson       B. Fowler

Door Duty – Order of Service
                  West Door                         East Door
1st Sept.     I. Thomson                        D Walker
8th Sept.     W. Young                           I. Johnston
15th Sept     F. Henderson                     B. fowler
22nd Sept.    I. Thomson                       D. Walker
29th Sept.    W. Young                           I. Johnston

If you are unable to carry out your duties, please find a substitute
if not notify me at 01294 213096 or

Margaret Carey
Session Clerk