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Harvest Service

Sunday, 29 September 2019

The Young Church share their harvest message.

Dreghorn & Springside Parish Church - Harvest Family Service – Sunday 29thSeptember 2019


This year’s Harvest Family Service has been another tremendous success!  All of the Sunday school displayed their talents today from the very youngest to the teenagers entering into the church.


The service began with the Starlights.  This is the older group within our Sunday school with ages ranging from 12 upwards.  The Starlights talked about the story of David & Goliath.  They taught us how David showed 20 seconds of courage to defeat the mighty Goliath!  As teenagers, the Starlights told us how they could shape the future in their schools and communities by showing the same 20 seconds of courage and faith as David did.  The Starlights also mentioned Moses as another role model from the Bible. Many people leaned on Moses for support and the Starlights learned that sometimes they can lean on their friends too much or too little.  The Starlights concluded by teaching us that we can all lean on God no matter what hurdles or joys life brings.  God is there to lean on.  The congregation were then treated to a fantastic version of the song, “Lean on me.”

The service continued with the Sunday School Trailblazers group.  (Ages 8 to 11)  The congregation became part of a live recording of the well-known television cooking show, “Ready Steady Cook.”  There were contestants, celebrity chefs and even interviews with studio congregation! The congregation became a little confused about what Ready Steady Cook had to do with Harvest?  Luckily the studio manager paused the recording and some narrators appeared to explain.  The Trailblazers taught us that we should enjoy the natural gifts from God just as the contestants were enjoying the ingredients they brought for their recipes.  They also taught us that we should be good stewards of the Earth just like a gardener looking after a garden.  Finally the Trailblazers reminded us that Harvest is a good time to remember that the world is a gift for everyone to share.

The service moved forward with our youngest members of our Sunday school, the Sparklers and the All Stars. They treated us to, “A Nursery Rhyme Harvest!”  This was a collection of popular nursery   rhymes such as Old Mother Hubbard, Simple Simon, Jack Sprat & Mary Mary quite contrary with a Harvest twist!  The little ones performed amazingly well and we can see them growing in confidence week by week.  The Sparklers and All Stars completed their section with an exciting raffle!   This saw the congregation hunting round their pews for two lucky tickets.  Two lucky winners received a luxury Harvest basket!

The service concluded with the whole Sunday school coming together and singing two Harvest songs, “A Very Special Vegetable” & “It’s Harvest Time.”  The congregation loved them both!

Well done to all involved, another triumph for Dreghorn & Springside parish!