In Memoriam

Sunday, 13 December 2020

At Eternal Rest, I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord. Those are our loved ones called home to eternal rest.


"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead"  1 Peter 1:3 NIV


7th January        Jack Iorns

15th February     Agnes Lowe

20th February     John Lusk

1st March           Mary Wilson

4th March           Betty Dewhirst

8th March           Jackie Wilson

9th March           Jane Gilliland

16th March          Isobel Johnston

21st March          Bob Luke

22nd March         Robin Thomas

31st March          Helen Hunter

7th April              Margaret Bone

8th April              Alice Cunningham

9th April              Jean Gillies

5th May               Nettie Cashmore

22nd May             Frances Bingham

27th May              Ian Thomson

30th May              Ian Kerr

26th June             Sharon Ledger

30th June             Effie Stevenson

1st July                William Dorrans

10th July              Moira Grant

13th July              Betty Matthews

23rd July              Elma McGavin

25th July              Betty Caddis

26th August          Janet Sherman

12th September    Mary Smith

1st October          Bill Petherick

6th October          Vikki Stewart

12th October        John Fife

16th November     Jane Thomson

20th October        Helen Donnelly

27th November    Marion McTear

30th November    John Millar

4th December      Ross Adam

12th December     Lynsey Burley

31st December     Jim Cairns



1st February        Robert McEwan

4th February        James Strachan

6th February        John Young

11th February       Joyce Kilpatrick

14th February       Nan Gibson

18th March           Ann Amos

23rd March          Jean Milligan

17th June             Jean McPhillemy 

28th June             William Young

3rd August            Isabel Gillan

9th August            Lachlan Quarm

13th August          Liz Thompson

16th August          Florence Gilmour

29th August          Sandy Kerr

9th September      William Mullen

10th September     Nancy Steel

29th September     Jessie McKie

19th October          Gary Greenan

24th October          Alec Brown

28th October          Jean O'Neill

3rd November        Marion Bain

21st November       Peter Baird

29th November      Bob Aiston

2nd December        Ivie Hair



28th January        Irene McMillan

3rd  February       Barbara Taylor

3rd  February       Dale Downey

7th  February       Tom Howieson

12th March          Catherine Gibson

14th March           Isa Thurston

6th April               Thomas Russell

20th April             Marion Rennie

15th June             William Inglis

21st July               Sarah Thomson

13th August          Robert Ferrol

1st September       Larry Diffin

3rd September       Robert McLaughlan

3rd September       Isa Aiston

6th September       Bell Frew

16th September     Alex Boylan

16th September     Brenda McDill

19th October          Agnes Blackley

24th October          Robert Gardener

11th November       Frank Healey

1st   December       Christine Drysdale

17th December        Roberta McDonald

19th December        Cathie Blair

19th December        David Dickson




 9th April            Mrs Marion Galloway

16th April           Mrs Kathleen Fraser

18th April           Mrs Ella Orr

18th April           Ms Ellanora Bowie

24th April           Mr David Parker

 3rd May            Mr Leslie Dewhurst

12th June           Mr William Daniels

21st June           Mrs Thea Gemmell

29th July            Mr Robert Moore 

16th August        Mrs Fay Brown

21st August        Mr Duncan Ballantyne

22nd August       Mrs Anne McDowall

26th September  Mr William Hay

17th October       Mrs Nancy Hawthorn

23rd October       Ms Margaret McEwen

24th October       Mr John Mullen

30th October       Mrs Chrissie Taylor

6th November      Ms Agnes Frew

12th November   Mr David Martin

13th November   Mrs Margaret Conner

19th November   Mr Gilmour Walker

       December    Mrs Jean Frew

21st December    Ms May Muir

21st December    Mr William Campbell

22nd December   Mrs Susan Alexander

25th December    Mr William Gray

28th December    Mrs Jenny Clapperton

31st December     Mrs Mary Stewart

Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life"

(John 11.25)