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Sunday, 25 July 2021

This weeks intimations

Intimations 25th July 2021


Building’s update

Great progress has been made towards the reopening of our halls and a special thanks to everyone who has helped in this process and who got together through the last couple of weeks to clean and prepare for this. 

The Covid working Group is preparing for our church buildings for re-opening for worship on Sunday 8th August, service starting at 11am.  This is dependent on sufficient stewarding and also the permission of Presbytery, but we are hopeful.  There continues to be important responsibilities placed on us, and elders will be dropping off letters to our members over the next couple of weeks explaining these.  This information will also be posted on the church website. 

We recognise that for many people the prospect of worshipping in our buildings in close proximity to others, continues to present too great a risk, and we wish to assure you that we will be recording the Sunday morning service and the video of this recording will be uploaded to our website and YouTube channel following the service.  Audio CD’s will continue to be distributed, and in the meantime, the telephone service will remain in place. 

We have also recently installed the facility for livestreaming worship services, when training and logistics are finalised for this the worship service will also be available for viewing and participation in - live from home.  Further details on this will be forthcoming. 


Paid and voluntary posts

We continue to have a considerable and worrying number of significant vacancies in the congregation, and I encourage you to pray about this and explore with a trusted Christian friend where you can support the life and ministry of your parish church. 

  • Treasurer
  • Free Will Offering Convenor
  • Gift Aid Convenor
  • Health and Safety lead
  • Data Protection lead
  • Halls Convenor
  • Camera and Video operation team


Sometimes people wait in the expectation that they might be approached and asked, please don’t, if you think that there’s something you can help with then come forward.  You can speak with either Sheena Henderson our Session Clerk or the minister. 

There are posts for Treasurer, Free Will Offering Convenor, Gift Aid Convenor and Health and Safety Lead, Data Protection Lead, Halls Convenor and Camera and Video operators. 


Ann Fulton is currently our Treasurer, and she is very willing to talk through the post and offer assistance to help the new post holder become familiarised with the role.  David Fulton current holds the dual role of Free Will Offering and Gift Aid Convenor and he offers similar support.  Both the role of Data Protection Lead and Health and Safety Lead are new posts.  The Data Protection post will assist us in writing our Data Protection Policy (templates provided by the Church of Scotland) and keep us abreast with good data protection.  The Health and Safety Lead will also help us to write a policy (again templates are provided by the Church of Scotland) and this post is required to enable us to operate safely, particularly with regards to risk assessments etc. With the new camera and screens being installed it will be helpful to build a team of volunteers to work on a rota to assist in the operation of these.  We thank Graeme Doyle for his services as Halls Convenor and seek to replace him to ensure that our hall user groups have a ’go to person’ and to assist with the good management of bookings and communications.   Again, with the consequences of COVID, filling this post will be advantageous in promoting the ongoing wellbeing of our hall users. 


If you, or someone you know, is interested in any of these posts then please do contact Sheena Henderson our Session Clerk who will be more than happy to help with more information.


Pastoral Care

The situation with regards to pastoral visiting remains that any request for a visit from your elder, or from the minister, should always come first from you, the person who is being visited. 

Visits should always be pre-arranged in advance and any person being visited should not feel at all under pressure to allow anyone else access to your home if you just don’t feel comfortable with that. 

Visiting from home to home, particularly when that involves visiting vulnerable people carries with it the risk of passing on infection and during summer months it would be a good idea, wherever possible, to make and receive visits outdoors.


Zoom Coffee:

 Zoom Coffee break is now taking a break over the summer.  Please do continue to keep in touch with each other over Zoom, the phone or the garden gate.