Church of Scotland



Sunday, 04 April 2021

This weeks intimations

Dreghorn and Springside Church, Easter 2021


Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!

Easter display

If you are passing the gates of our church building, then please do stop and take in the great artwork that’s there.  All the colourful crosses on display have been made by families in the congregation.  Thanks to our Sunday School leaders for all the arranging and putting together the displays that we also enjoyed in last week’s BBC service. 

Zoom Coffee Break is having a week off

This week we are having a break from our usual Tuesday morning Zoom coffee.  Zoom Coffee break will return as normal on Tuesday 13th April at 11am.

Pastoral Cover 5-11th April 2021

Essential pastoral care throughout the week will be provide by the Rev Neil Urquhart of Fullarton Connexions.  Neil can be contacted on 01294 279909.

Services on Sunday 11th April 2021

Video and audio download services will be available from our website and YouTube channel as usual, however the telephone service will be brought to us by Mure and Relief and this can be accessed by dialling 01294 654 696.  Calls are charged at local rate and are free if you have inclusive local calls. 

Kirk Session

The next meeting of the Kirk Session will be on Tuesday 20th April at 7pm on Zoom.