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Prayer Diary

Saturday, 21 March 2020

We invite you to Pray Through the Week with Jesus by sharing our prayer diary with you.

Pray Through The Week With Jesus


This week’s theme: 'God in our distress”


SUNDAY            God remembered flooded Noah (Genesis 81-5)

MONDAY           God in Israel's exile (Isaiah 40.1-11)

TUESDAY          God is ever watchful (Psalm 121 )

WEDNESDAY     God our eternal shelter (Psalm 90.1-20

THURSDAY        Jesus the Bringer of comfort (Matthew 11.1-6)

FRIDAY              Jesus strong in our frailty (Philippians 4.10-13)

SATURDAY         Jesus our assurance  for life (John 11.21-27)


Dear friends, pray with us. For even when our Dreghorn and Springside congregation cannot meet, we can still pray. Our prayers to God through Jesus will never be in lockdown.


Last week’s theme: 'The Female Touch'


SUNDAY            Hannah's deep distress (1 Samuel 1.12-13)

MONDAY           Ruth's utter loyalty (Ruth 1.16)

TUESDAY          The widow's grief (Luke 7.11-17)

WEDNESDAY     The women's care (Luke 8.2-3)

THURSDAY        Brave women (Luke 23.49)

FRIDAY             Mary sees the risen Christ (John 20.11-18)

SATURDAY        All equal in Christ (Galatians 3.27-28)


This week end marks Mother's Day, an important date to remember.

So this week let us remember the important place of women in the Bible.


Modern Christianity. Although our churches may be closed we can still Worship through the Internet. God will bless us - through the Internet