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Prayer Diary

Saturday, 07 December 2019

We invite you to Pray Through the Week with Jesus by sharing our prayer diary with you.

Pray Through The Week With Jesus


This week’s theme: ‘Working for Jesus'


SUNDAY             Jesus was a carpenter (Mark 6.3)

MONDAY            He followed his father's trade (Matthew 13.55)

TUESDAY           He enrolled tradesmen (Mark 11.16-20)

WEDNESDAY      Among the tentmakers (Acts  18.1-4)

THURSDAY         Fellow workers for Jesus (Philippians 4.3)

FRIDAY              God gardens in the soul (John 15.1)

SATURDAY         We  do not work in vain for the Lord ( 1 Corinthians 15.58)


Join your fellow workers in the faith, in this week's Prayer Programme. Jesus was a worker, a carpenter, we can be workers for the Lord. 

God bless you this Christmas time as we work for the Lord.


Last week’s theme Advent:  'God comes in Jesus'


SUNDAY               Emmanuel God comes to us (Isaiah  7.10-14)

MONDAY              God with us in our homes (Mark 6.1`-3)

TUESDAY             God comes to us at our work (Mark1.16-20)

WEDNESDAY        God comes kindly to people (Mark 11.2-6)

THURSDAY           God comes with healing (Mark 2.1-12)

FRIDAY                God comes as our Lord and Saviour (John 1.14-18)

SATURDAY            God comes to us personally (Acts 9.1-6)


The members of the Dreghorn and Springside congregation invite you to join with them in their spiritual  pilgrimage to Bethlehem through the four weeks of Advent. Join with us.

God bless you and your loved ones