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Prayer Diary

Saturday, 15 February 2020

We invite you to Pray Through the Week with Jesus by sharing our prayer diary with you.

Pray Through The Week With Jesus


This week's theme: Romans 3,  'A Faith for the Soul'


SUNDAY            Righteousness, a right relation with God (Romans 3.21)

MONDAY           Free from God,none of our efforts (Romans 3.21)

TUESDAY          Faith is trust and commitment (Romans 3.22)

WEDNESDAY    To Jesus Christ (Romans 3.22)

THURSDAY       Our new relationship is a gift from God's grace (Romans 3.24)

FRIDAY              In Jesus we are redeemed, that is set free (Romans 3.24)

SATURDAY         All, all from God (Romans 3.25-26)

Romans Chapter 3 is the foundation chapter for our Christian faith.

Join with the members of the Dreghorn  and Springside congregation as we  pray this week on the foundation of faith. 

God has placed us in a right relationship with himself through Jesus Christ.


Last week’s theme,  'Jesus taught many things in parables'


SUNDAY           God's word sown like seed in the ground (Matthew 13.1-9)

MONDAY          Small faith can grow (Matthew 13.31-32)

TUESDAY         The power of faith (Matthew 13.33)

WEDNESDAY    We must be helpers (Luke 10.29-37)

THURSDAY       Jesus always looking for us (Luke 15.3-7)

FRIDAY             Jesus really wants to find us (Luke 15.8-10)

SATURDAY        God is always waiting for us (Luke 15.11-24)

The Dreghorn and Springside congregation have started a short study in 'Romans' and we are using the lessons in 'Romans' for our Prayer Programme.

Join with us in praying though this wonderful letter from Paul.