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Prayer Diary

Saturday, 01 August 2020

We invite you to Pray Through the Week with Jesus by sharing our prayer diary with you.

Pray Through The Week With Jesus


This week's theme 'The Beatitudes, God's Blessings (Matthew 5.1-12)


SUNDAY            We can be poor in spirit but rich in prayer (verse 3)

MONDAY            We pray for others, we are comforted by God (verse 4)

TUESDAY           We pray quietly patient but courageously successful (verse 5)

WEDNESDAY     We pray for proper things, our  prayers are satisfied(verse 6)

THURSDAY        We pray for tolerance, God kindly receives our prayers

FRIDAY              Prayers with decent thoughts, lives with decent actions (verse 8)

SATURDAY        We pray and live as a peacemakers not a troublemakers (verse 9)


The Bible is the source of our prayers  as well as the inspiration. Think of the Beatitudes, create deep prayers. Join the fellowship of the Dreghorn and Springside congregation as we pray through the Beatitudes.  God bless you.


Last week's theme: Our World in the Book of Psalms


SUNDAY             Psalm 8, We pray for our world of science

MONDAY            Psalm 24.  We pray for our world with Climate Change

TUESDAY           Psalm 42+43  We pray for our world needing God

WEDNESDAY     Psalm 46 We pray for our world of tension and stress

THURSDAY         Psalm 51.  We pray for our moral world

FRIDAY                Psalm 84.  We pray for our Spiritual  world

SATURDAY          Psalm  90. We  are blessed by God's  world    


The Book of Psalms offers us golden opportunities to pray earnestly to our God. Join the members of Dreghorn and Springside congregation in praying through the week with Jesus