Sunday 7th of May

Sunday, 21 May 2023

It’s not often that we can have two celebrations on the same day but Sunday, 7th May, was one such special day!

A Day of Celebrations!


During the morning service David Muir was presented with his Boys’ Brigade President’s Badge after months of hard work. In his introductory speech our B.B. Captain, Stuart Neil, outlined David’s growth in our church beginning with his regular attendance through Anchor Boys, Junior Section, Company Section and at Sunday School. David has taken part in many competitions for our B.B. company and is a well-known face in the church through appearances in countless Nativity plays, Easter and Harvest celebrations.


Now, David still helps in the Sunday School and with Messy Church as well as being part of the reading rota for church services. He is also spends many a Sunday morning behind the camera in our technology ‘hub’. David, who has worked very hard for his President’s Badge, is a valued member of our church community and we were very happy to celebrate his achievement with him. He is moving on to work for his King’s Badge and we wish him every success in the future.

Well done, David!


On the same weekend another person was celebrating his achievement in London and we celebrated that on May 7th too. Nearly a hundred people gathered in our church hall to raise a tea cup to our new King Charles. The hall was beautifully decorated with flags, bunting and balloons. Sausage rolls, sandwiches and cakes quickly disappeared as we chatted and laughed with friends. We were well entertained in song by Lucy Latte and Lilly Watkins accompanied by Pauline Latte and then with well-known tunes on the piano by our organist, Martin McLaughlan. What a wonderful day!

Many thanks to everyone who helped to organise the event and also those who helped on the day.