Church of Scotland


The Flower Rota

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Many thanks to everyone who donates flowers to the Church each Sunday and to the ladies who help deliver them. The ill and bereaved recipients really appreciate them. If you know of anyone in this category please let me know. Nan Reid


  2nd February:-  Mrs. M. McBride & Mrs. S. McComish, Irvine

  9th  February:-  Mrs. S. Hobson, Dreghorn

16th  February:-  Mrs. M. Adrain, Irvine

23rd  February:-  Mrs. M. George, Dreghorn


 1st March:- Mrs M McBlane, Dreghorn

 8th March:- Mrs I Aiston, Dreghorn

15th March:- Mrs M Cousar, Irvine

22nd March:- Mrs I Johnstone, Dreghorn

29th March:- Mrs A Murry, Irvine


 5th April:- LOL Ladies

12th April:- Mrs B Fowler & Mrs M Bryson, Dreghorn

19th April:- Mrs A Amos, Dreghorn

26th April:- Mrs G Moffat & Mrs A Forsyth, Dreghorn


 3rd May:- Mrs S Henderson, Dreghorn

10th May:- Mrs M Gillan, Irvine

17th May:- Mrs A Millar, Dreghorn

24th May:- Mrs M Neil, Dreghorn

31st May:- Sunday School


 7th June:- Mrs M McBlane, Dreghorn

16th June:- Mrs E Craig, Doura Mains

21st June:- Mrs C Blair, Dreghorn

28th June:- Mrs M Bone, Dreghorn