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Crossing Together

CROSSING TOGETHER a new intergenerational church for the south Irvine area


Vision and Values

Our vision is:

With God’s help we will establish a new intergenerational Church in the south Irvine area reaching out to the local community and beyond. 

Intergenerational Church is defined in a quote found in “Intergenerational Christian Formation” by Holly Catterton Allen and Christine Lawton Ross as, 

“Intergenerational ministry occurs when a congregation intentionally brings the generations together in mutual serving, sharing or learning within the core activities of the church in order to live out being the body of Christ to each other and the greater community.”

Our values are:

  • Keeping Jesus at the centre of everything we do.
  • Committing to regular prayer and listening for God.
  • Showing everyone God loves them through being like Jesus - sharing love, kindness and reaching out to all.
  • Uncovering God’s healing and hope with the individuals, families, and community.
  • Helping people follow Jesus and grow in faith.

CROSSING TOGETHER is the new name for the Towerlands Church Plant

We have chosen the name CROSSING TOGETHER because it recognises that the congregations of Dreghorn and Springside and Mure Relief are crossing boundaries together in this new venture.  The boundaries we are crossing are both our existing parish boundaries and also our familiar and established ways of working. 

This crossing over also represents a movement for the people we are engaging with, who will also be crossing boundaries by becoming involved with a new Christian community. 

Crossing Together also involves bringing the generations together in new ways.  Church (and society in general) tends to separate the ages with young and old each doing their own thing, but we are intentional about building intergenerational church, blurring these age boundaries and building mutual understanding and respect between the generations and worshipping, learning, living and serving together as one body.

Crossing infers movement from one place - lifestyle/faith/way of being church etc. to another.

And of course, the cross is central to our faith. 

We understand that a lot of the reasoning for the new name is because it represents where we are at the moment with our congregations.  It is expected that through time and engaging with others we may adopt a new name that grows from the experience of the people who form the new church.  But for now, “Crossing Together” communicates so well who we are, and what we are about.

For more information on Crossing Together contact:

Alison Muir

Mission Pioneer

Phone: 07562 634 385 


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Reflections by Aylice Millar, Crossing Together Team, June 2021

"So, we have ‘graduated’ from the Forge Scotland Mission Pioneer course 2021.  That is, the Rev Jamie, Joanne, Alison and Aylice.  We gathered together with our Forge Leaders and fellow students on Saturday, 16 June in the Howard Centre for our celebration. 

This was the first time we had all met in person. After seeing people on Zoom for nine months, it was lovely to actually see people face to face.  But, oh, how frustrating: we couldn’t hug; we couldn’t be near each other; we sat masked-up two metres apart across that vast space in the Howard Centre.  One person from each mission project gave an outline of what the course had meant for them and how it would influence their project.  Joanne gave a very heart-felt and eloquent piece on behalf of Crossing Together and gifted everyone with a small glass jar full of ‘jewels’ to take home and help us remember to look for the treasure in our communities. 

At the end of the event, we applauded as everyone collected their certificates and then we spilled out onto the street and that’s where the real socialising began.  Around 30-40 of us on the pavement, outside the Howard Centre (at an appropriate physical distance), catching up with people we had grown so close to over the last year but hadn’t ever physically met before.  Oh, how good it was, and created a longing to be back amongst our worshipping community!

We were told, more than once, ‘ok, the course is over, now the real hard work starts’.  What is our hard work?

Our vision is for an intergenerational church in the Broomlands/Bourtreehill district of Irvine.  Why there?  Because the regular Church of Scotland congregation has just moved to the centre of Irvine, and while this has caused some frustration it also gives a real huge positive opportunity for building (metaphorically) a new Christian community which appeals to a younger generation than mine.

Recently, I was watching a congregation on TV singing one of my favourite hymns – it created such a longing in me to be back in our wee church singing along to our magnificent pipe organ surrounded by my friends.    Just as quickly, though the realisation came to me that our old familiar and comforting style of worship sitting in ordered rows, listening, learning, singing and enjoying Christian companionship is not for everyone.  It still has its place – it’s what most of us have grown up with.

However, the Forge Course has taught me many things and the one stand-out for me is that Jesus didn’t expect people to come to Him to hear his message.  Along with His disciples, Jesus traipsed the country, seeking out people where they were living their lives.  I’m not qualified to criticize any form of church, but it seems to me that for many, many years we have done the exact opposite.  We have had our established churches, welcoming in the most part, but we’ve expected people to come to us and do it our way!

The vision for Crossing Together is for a Christian gathering for all ages where we sit informally, at tables, enjoying a meal together, interspersing our time with eating, praising God, listening to His Word and perhaps enjoying a craft activity – more like a social occasion where children are welcome and as much part of the gathering as adults are. 

Do you share that vision? There’s no reason why we can’t attend our usual ‘formal’ church service, but also join in with family and friends in a less formal setting enjoying Christian fellowship, food and fun.

If you are interested in being a part of this venture, contact our Mission Pioneer, Alison Muir."


A Prayer for Mission

Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times – Romans 12:12

Dear Heavenly Father

We come before You with joy and praise for all You do for us and all You have given us.

Father, at times we take You for granted, failing to recognise that without You, we are nothing, and that all we have comes from You.

Thank You, Father that we have heard Your call to mission within our community.  That You have brought together a group who are taking the steps You are guiding us on.  Thank You for all we have learned on the Forge Pioneer Course – that we need to be more Jesus-like, less passive and more active.  We pray that You help us to understand the teaching from this course and that we can apply that teaching in our everyday lives as we go ahead in our mission venture in Dreghorn & Springside, Bourtreehill and Broomlands.

Uphold us and support us, Father in the times when we are overwhelmed.  Guide us in our mission step by step.  Help us to remember to listen for your word, Father, to guide us in the right direction.

Father, we pray for all those to whom we will reach out in mission.  You know those within our community who are ready to have You in their lives.  Prepare the ground Father that we may plant the seeds of Your word in fertile soil, that it may grow and blossom.

Father we wait in Your presence; we listen patiently for Your guidance.  We ask Your blessing on all those in our congregations in Dreghorn & Springside and Mure Relief and that You will spark mission within all of us and that we will hear Your call and respond accordingly to plant our new church gathering.

We ask these things in Jesus’ name