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The Church at the crossroads where community and faith meet. Here we share our prayers, audio services, video messages and sermons. Praying that you'll be lifted up, strengthened and blessed as you encounter the risen Jesus here.

Communion Service for 22nd November 2020


Also an audio service

Or find the words here

A Sunday School Lesson for our Young Church here

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Arrangements for worship locally and nationally

We will endeavour to have both audio service and video reflection published weekly here.

The Church of Scotland hopes to provide a recorded services via the Church of Scotland website and social media platforms.


Resources for young people

Below are a couple of links to an online music resource for young people called Fischy Music. These links give access to Fischy songs and specially made, top quality music videos written for and with children, alongside resources to support their emotional wellbeing. Children can sing along as well as listen to a school assembly which can be watched every Monday morning.


Here are some suggested apps for young people to use to continue their Sunday School studies (taken from 

Superbook Kids Bible App

RightNow Media

Noah's Ark: Bible Story Book

Jesus Bible Trivia Challenge

Bible Colouring Book

Bible Songs for Kids


If you would like to incorporate RE lessons in your home schooling over the there are some great resources here

If you would like some ideas for messy church at home have a look at these