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Pioneer Church

CROSSING TOGETHER a new intergenerational church for the south Irvine area



Our vision is:

With God’s help we will establish a new intergenerational Church in the south Irvine area reaching out to the local community and beyond. 

Our values are:

Keeping Jesus at the centre of everything we do.

Committing to regular prayer and listening for God.

Showing everyone God loves them through being like Jesus - sharing love, kindness and reaching out to all.

Uncovering God’s healing and hope with the individuals, families, and community.

Helping people follow Jesus and grow in faith.


CROSSING TOGETHER is the new name for the Towerlands Church Plant

We have chosen the name CROSSING TOGETHER because it recognises that the congregations of Dreghorn and Springside and the linked (and soon to be united) church of Mure Relief are all are crossing boundaries together in this new venture.  The boundaries we are crossing are both our existing parish boundaries and also our familiar and established ways of working. 

This crossing over also represents a movement for the people we are engaging with, who will also be crossing boundaries by becoming involved with a new Christian community. 

Crossing infers movement from one place - lifestyle/faith/way of being church etc. to another.

And of course, the cross is central to our faith. 

We understand that a lot of the reasoning for the new name is because it represents where we are at the moment with our congregations.  It is expected that through time and engaging with others we may adopt a new name that grows from the experience of the people who form the new church.  But for now, “Crossing Together” communicates so well who we are, and what we are about.


CROSSING TOGETHER with our new Mission Pioneer

Congratulations to Alison Muir! 

We are really pleased, full of hope and enthusiasm for Alison who has successfully interviewed for the Presbytery post of Mission Pioneer for our Church plant and takes up her role on 25th March 2021.  Alison is already involved with our congregation as a member and Sunday School teacher, she will continue with these roles while taking up the additional responsibilities of helping to plant our shared new intergenerational church.   

Alison will work as part time Mission Pioneer alongside volunteers from our three congregations to help in the planning, preparation, engaging and creation of the new Christian community in the Bourtreehill area, meeting around local amenities, and in time utilising the Relief Church building for larger events.    

An intergenerational church is where we intentionally bring all generations together to share activities, experiences and worship.  It differs from established church in the ways that it is focused on the experiential; much more about experiencing God and community through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch; it emphasises that everyone learns in different ways, regards everyone as equal and recognises that we have much to learn from one another.

These are exciting new days for our congregation and our new partnership.  We are eager to see what God is doing and join in by following his lead and doing his bidding, so please keep Alison, the team of volunteers we hope to grow, and our new intergenerational church in your prayers. 


Missional God seeks faithful companions for a journey

Our God is a missional God, forever reaching out to bring healing and restoration in our relationships with him with one another and with our planet.  These relationships are out of sync and causing dysfunction on a global scale.  God has chosen to work through his creation to restore balance.  Many people and organisations are dedicated to restoring this balance, but the church is the only one that does so consciously in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 

Through Jesus, God has given us his teaching and the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide our paths.  We set out in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to see God’s balance restored. 

In the past the church has responded to the missional impetus of God, but we got stuck; often venerating the past and increasingly became insular as the world around us becomes more and more out of kilter.  Jesus people cannot remain dormant, or we are no longer Jesus people.  Our calling is to engage as Jesus engaged; loving, serving, leading, giving of ourselves for the sake of others, and sharing our Saviour that more may know him and his life abundant.

It’s been a long time since we set out on such a bold journey and the culture is very different from the last time around.  We need to find the community paths, the common ways and common ground to meet and listen to the people’s aspirations, their hopes, and their fears.  We need to have servant hearts, sharing acts of kindness that in time may lead to hard to earn trust, we need to find where God is already loving in this place and join in.

Our Missional God seeks faithful companions for a journey, so step out with us, come and travel at least some of the way, let’s open our eyes, our hearts, let’s expand our horizons and see where God can lead us today.



A Prayer for Mission

Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times – Romans 12:12


Dear Heavenly Father


We come before You with joy and praise for all You do for us and all You have given us.


Father, at times we take You for granted, failing to recognise that without You, we are nothing, and that all we have comes from You.


Thank You, Father that we have heard Your call to mission within our community.  That You have brought together a group who are taking the steps You are guiding us on.  Thank You for all that the Forge Pioneer Course is revealing to us – that we need to be more Jesus-like, less passive and more active.  We pray that You help us to understand the teaching from this course and that we can apply that teaching as we go ahead in our mission venture in Dreghorn & Springside and Towerlands.


Uphold us and support us, Father in the times when we are overwhelmed.  Guide us in our mission step by step.  Help us to remember to listen for your word, Father, to guide us in the right direction.


We give thanks for the Leaders at Forge and Cairn who shine with Your love.  Bless all who are undertaking the Forge Course and the Learning Communities and guide the steps of each one in their mission projects.


Father, we ask that Your hand is in the appointments of the Pioneer Ministry Posts which will lead the mission across our Presbytery.  Speak to those who have the attributes needed to fulfil our mission tasks.


Father, we pray for all those to whom we will reach out in mission.  You know those within our community who are ready to have You in their lives.  Prepare the ground Father that we may plant the seeds of Your word in fertile soil, that it may grow and blossom.


Father we wait in Your presence; we listen patiently for Your guidance.  We ask Your blessing on all those in our congregations in Dreghorn & Springside, Mure and Relief Bourtreehill and that You will spark mission within all of us and that we will hear Your call and respond accordingly to plant our new church gathering.


We ask these things in Jesus’ name